Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Panic Attack - South of the Border way-o

Benicio Del Toro isn't your average actor - he's severe, harsh and sometimes looks like he needs a bec's and a good lie down (please those eye bags I could pack for the weekend) but when he is on the screen...I so get him and he becomes this Mexican Sexy beast - and the rough ruggedness manly exterior mixed with the whisky pack a day voice is rather hot...

Its just me...right?
Ah well I must be wearing my Margarita glasses muchacho!


Mrs Pussy Tummycurtins said...

I think its you darl, I dont see it.
Though the naked boys in the pool are pretty hot.

Can you get more nudie shots of Daniel Craig?
(I think he lives near me - he was spotted at our local pub)

Ammo said...

i think he looks like he has B.O

I haven liked him since he was in 21 grams and he was mean and looked liked he smelled