Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The worst home decorating blog

OMG - you have to see it - to believe it

I think the Plate thing is my worse
(Believe it or not it's supposed to detract from the switches on the wall)...and the writing is not much better - Especially hate it when she says 'Urgh'

Shame Allyson Shame

(Cheers to Jez for letting me know the foul blog)


Ammo said...

brendy are you the "b" that the mad allyson discount design woman is slagging off at the start of her blog -

i think you should get feisty ...


Mrs Pussy Tummycurtins said...

Where are the ducks flying up the wall. Cmon Bretty, I want to see these on your wall. Your mission is to have these when I return next year.

ammo said...

ooh brendy have just been to website to see your comments -

claws in girls !!!!

ouch no wonder the poor dear got a little bit upset!

nice re buttle too!

there is a little old discount designer out there sharpening her stencil cutter....