Thursday, September 28, 2006

What happened to...the Beverly Sisters

Lordy...I have 3 friends in Sydney who are very close mates...and I have trying to think of a nickname for them...'three stooges' & the 'three amigos' too done and straight...and 'trio'='threesome'(especially in Gayland and in Sydney - which is basically the same)...I needed something a bit new but and fun...known but still off the wall...and it hit me...Britains answer to the Andrew Sisters... THE BEVERLEY SISTERS!
AND they were actual sisters........eldest sister "Joy" and the twins, "Teddie" and "Babs". Big in the 50's & 60's...their hits included the "Sisters"(how original!), "I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus" &"Drummer Boy". Not only the first UK female group to break into the US top 10 but they were the highest paid female entertainers in the UK for more than a twenty year period.

(Hello soft focus & Vaseline lens !- this is what I want when Im older too )

These gals are amazing - entering to Guiness Book of records in 2002 as the World's longest surviving vocal group without a change in the line up! (Try that one Destiny's Child)and were awarded an MBE in the 2006 New Years Honours List

And they are still hoofing & singing today...and wowing crowds all over - so here's to the girls...and a little reminder to My Beverley Sisters in Sydney...

'God help the mister...that comes between me and my sister...And god help the sister that comes between me and my man!'

(The Song 'Sisters' from the movie 'White Christmas' 1954)

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Anonymous said...

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