Thursday, February 01, 2007

OZ TV:Prison Break Returns

Well it finally returns for 2007...

What happens to the lovely ladies of Cell Block H...Sorry wrong decade...What happens to the Spunky cons of Fox River?

After the cliff hanger of an escape in the last season (finally) we can move on from that and the cons are on the run from the law...chased by the new FBI character Special Agent Alex Mahone...who managed to work out that the tattoo on Scofield's chest was actually a plan and map to escape... as no one did in the first season...except for the crazy one...who is also on the run.
Also on the run is the bad second rate home boy 'Tweener' (why do I think of a B-grade Marky Mark & the funky bunch type when I see this guy) and the ever so creepy T-Bag who is currently holding a Vet hostage so he can sew his hand back on...but I digress.
The SHOCK of the episode was Veronica - not only finding the 'dead' President's brother alive but she is shot...DEAD...and my fav character Dr Sara Tancredi is recovering from her OD moment ( remember that drool) and wishing she never fell for the spunky low talking -good for nothin' Scofield...until she finds a single white paper crane ( his sweet if not a little weird calling card) with a note staying that he will make it all right again.
So what now (my love) as Frank would sing...Will the lads escape into a better plot and more suitable fitting clothes? Will the FBI & guards finally track them down ? Will Fernando finally pash Lincoln in a drunken moment? Will I stop sharing my prison break character fantasies?
We can only hope so...

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