Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Pure Pleasure Seeker

You know that you want it now.

I was fortunate enough to see Ms Róisín Murphy at Billboard on Friday night, Melbourne CBD. The last time I was at Billboard was for a dance party in ’99. Then it had mirrors on the ceiling & walls, lots of smoke and uniformed gay's - like a club from the movie ‘Cruising’ with Al Pacino – but I digress. Alas the mirrors are gone but the same underground feeling lingers. As the club was packed to the (former) mirrored rafters many were anticipating the lady’s entrance.

Now I have read many reviews of Róisín, and all and sundry have commented on how she performs. Or rather her grand performance. They did not lie. Her voice (in my opinion) is better live, especially with a band. The selected ensemble included songs from her days in Moloko as well as her solo albums (needless to say I was overjoyed with her performance of 'Let me know' when I busted a move while standing on a step with friends - we were between the drunkest woman in the world and a large bear called Beryl, which I think were left over from the dance party in '99 - again I digress) The sound of her voice is almost like some ethereal siren on the rocks, or maybe that more of an ethereal disco siren on stage drawing you in closer and closer to danger on the dancefloor. It wasn’t about just seeing an artist sing to an audience, but engage them.

But it’s not just about her singing - it’s the rest of her performance which is just as entertaining. I loved the combination of digital art images (yes art darling) in the background, especially the psychedelic porn and the 60’s pop art (with Lyrics). Her changes in costumes (and hats) were onstage between songs with a simple rack on stage left – but it worked. And she is not shy to use the stage. (Mrs Hapgood - My Year 12 Theatre Arts Teacher - would have been pleased with her use of space and movement). Róisín literally lets herself go and the audience follows suit.

It really left me wanting more.
Róisín - I’m letting you I’m lonely. Come back Poste haste.

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