Saturday, April 19, 2008

Eurovision 2008 - Part 1

Lordy I almost forgot it's that time again - The world shudders when Europe sings! And this year it's just as crappy,trashy, glitzy and over the top pop/house/folk and other nonsense that makes Eurovision bad.
And this years, in the words of Mel Brooks - vhat a shidinker! - 3 fat 70's sexist comedians now turned singers from Estonia, A girl with what looks like makeup by Divine from Sweden, a girly looking poofy from Iceland, A Spice Girls cover band from Germany, A Turkish sounding song from Holland (whatever happened to Tulips from Amsterdam ?) A page three girl from Ukraine and finally Pirates (yes Pirates - I'm not making this up) from Latvia- Bless eastern Europe for trotting these souls out. Maybe the Iron Curtain wasn't such a bad thing?

I will be posting just a selection of entries to peruse, laugh and wonder at. The date to countdown is the 24th of May - or the 25th in OZ (the Sunday) - so we will be back in time from our holiday to watch the marvel car crashing grotesque wonder that is Eurovision!! Hopefully SBS will be screening the version voiced by with the ever witty & sardonic Terry Wogan (can you believe people complain in OZ about him?). Can't wait.

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