Friday, August 22, 2008


Well it's been 2 years and 200 posts since I started the classic eccentric - which I didn't think was too bad a rate of post - over 8 per month - while working full time (changing 3 job roles in the same company and studying as well), being in a relationship, having a cat (anyone who has a cat will SO get that) and living in the world that is 2008.
However back in 2006 when I started the blog, I had the intentions of a web diary with a bit of extra stuff (funny bits, my obsessive collecting, pop culture pollava - all types of interesting shit really) and it has just worked out to be something else that I honestly still don't know what that it is. However an evolving blog is open to change and movement that then lends itself to explore. And does allow a whole of a funny crap too rather than just being about me me me.
However being a little conceited and part of a generation who thinks of themselves first (um which generation? Oh that's right ALL generations) I did expect to get more feedback on the content of the posts. And also to make sure someone other than myself and Andy were reading! The comments I have received have been interesting & welcoming. The funny thing is the most reaction I have had in the last 2 years were my posts on Corey Worthington, the party animal of Narre Warren. So much for my witty posts of OZ life - just get a dickhead from the burbs to steal the show! So Gen Y....which is a little rich coming from the cynical Gen X'er that I am.
Cynic or not I'm glad I did start the blog. It has given an outlet for my creative side.
I'm also glad in the last year or so I have concentrated more on the content rather than the amount of posts. I'm glad I wrote about the history OZ TV - it was something I spent a lot of time on, as well as showing my love for the box. But saying that you tube posts are fun and quick - and sometimes images are much more interesting than words alone. Especially when they are either handsome men from Spunk Alerts posts (contrary to a comment made - Spunk in OZ means sexy or hot - not the UK meaning!), unfortunate singing moments from Eurovision to Idol to Jan Terry and, my favourite, the venomous Cyanide and Happiness comics...just too twisted and a bit wrong.

And the next 200?

Well hopefully this blog will continue to evolve further still...

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