Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Site to Check out - Tough at the top

Tough at the top is a new online TV show created by the infamous Crazy Cousin Anne - (well not my cousin - actually a dear friend Brigid's cousin but I digress).

Basically it all started after a move to Darwin, meeting another of similar name at the pub, then getting drunk at the pub and finally the buying of a motorized esky from eBay (yes I'm not making this up) both Anne Edmonds ( Crazy Cuz) and Anna Daniels (not Crazy Cuz) decided to approach the local ABC TV(NT) and pitch an idea for an online comedy series - And Tough at the Top was born.

The girls have written, directed and starred in this off the wall Territory comedy. Highlights have included so far 'The NTique Roadshow'...their take on another TV show of a similar name and most recently a mock- u -mentry style of a campaign for the rights of racists (v.funny). The site will be updated every week - future highlights will include flapper dancing 1920's style on current day Darwin's wharf, picnicking by the local esplanade in crocodile suits(not too far from actual croc attacks)....and (of course) the obvious hooning around the highways of NT on a motorized Esky - which will no doubt be my favourite...


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