Monday, September 29, 2008

Spring & society

Well there has been a bit of this lately...

It started with marvellous Spanish lunch at Movida (Hosier Lane) with Dermo & B, all good fun...then an Italian lunch at Cicciolina in St Kilda with an old friend from the UK, followed by some dinner parties, a 30th birthday party and a very boozy Moroccan Sunday lunch.

That was just the first 3 weeks of September. It must be Spring.

The wonderful citizens of Melbourne have survived the dreaded mid year seasons [winter and the football] and have their party shoes on to celebrate the return of one of my favourite seasons - Spring.

Not only the season has changed. Thankfully so has the fashions. The winter coats and [football] scarfs have been folded away for lighter clothing and more tailored wear. The skinny cigarette jean is [unfortunately] still rearing it's sickly head however the fashions this summer are looking rather becoming with lots of stripes and [shock horror for this Melbournian] lots of colour. However I'm sure black is still very much welcomed at the luncheon table.

So the fashion and the food hold me no concern. Since going to the gym I can justify the food and puddings rather easily. It the amount of the wine and hard liquor that I seem to constantly be plying into my body during Spring's return that is.

So given this when I heard that my old boss (now an ex pat in Singapore) was in town I was going to catch a quick drink at Riverland on Friday night. And I did...then another then another then dinner then the Prince of Wales and finally ( to my horror ] the Xchange hotel dancing on a podium and realising that maybe as my sister and her family were arriving the next day I best get myself home. And woke up Andrew when I got it [oops].

Bless Spring!

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