Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Spring Weekender - guests of nature Pt 2

Other than the scenic trip ocean drives are, the landscape on the Australian coast is not just beautiful, but so peaceful and serene. It always helps to clear my head and to relax.
The Beach is such an OZ icon. Growing up in Western Australia, the beaches are white sands & the Indian Ocean - quite stunning. The Victorian Coast is different as it's more earthy and rugged, as if it's endured many changes and lifetimes.
The Bridge over Separation Creek - I love how the bush meets the sea.
A close up of the river stones. I so wanted to steal these for the garden but realised the petrol we used to drive here was already a bigger carbon footprint I wanted to leave on the plan [my green conscious couldn't live with guilt].
We went to Kennett River on Saturday afternoon to go for a walk in the bush and to see the koalas. I love the above shot as the eucalyptus trees in the forest are so tall. And yes it was so peaceful.
What still amazes me is the amount of koala's in the trees - I have never seen so many outside a Zoo in my life. There they all are - sittin' up like Jackie - eating & sleeping away - well they don't really do much else. And don't need to.

I quite like this one - He [or she] looks like a very old soul - especially like the big button noses. It comforting to see so much wildlife in their natural setting.

To any visitors out there - never try not to pet them as they are still wild animals and can quite nasty - although you'll never guess to look at them.

However the birds are a different story as they are far more interactive. The Parakeets and the Rosella's are happy to feed straight from your hands. This time they came to us on the balcony.

White Gallahs - they look nice but they are really the bullies of the bird world. They are very large and make a god awful racket in the morning.

And yet another OZ Gallah - this time with 2 birds in my hands. These birds are almost like pets. The colours of their feathers are so vibrant.Two days and nights were just not long enough on the coast. Hopefully the four of us can do this all again at the end of Summer.

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