Friday, August 22, 2008


Well it's been 2 years and 200 posts since I started the classic eccentric - which I didn't think was too bad a rate of post - over 8 per month - while working full time (changing 3 job roles in the same company and studying as well), being in a relationship, having a cat (anyone who has a cat will SO get that) and living in the world that is 2008.
However back in 2006 when I started the blog, I had the intentions of a web diary with a bit of extra stuff (funny bits, my obsessive collecting, pop culture pollava - all types of interesting shit really) and it has just worked out to be something else that I honestly still don't know what that it is. However an evolving blog is open to change and movement that then lends itself to explore. And does allow a whole of a funny crap too rather than just being about me me me.
However being a little conceited and part of a generation who thinks of themselves first (um which generation? Oh that's right ALL generations) I did expect to get more feedback on the content of the posts. And also to make sure someone other than myself and Andy were reading! The comments I have received have been interesting & welcoming. The funny thing is the most reaction I have had in the last 2 years were my posts on Corey Worthington, the party animal of Narre Warren. So much for my witty posts of OZ life - just get a dickhead from the burbs to steal the show! So Gen Y....which is a little rich coming from the cynical Gen X'er that I am.
Cynic or not I'm glad I did start the blog. It has given an outlet for my creative side.
I'm also glad in the last year or so I have concentrated more on the content rather than the amount of posts. I'm glad I wrote about the history OZ TV - it was something I spent a lot of time on, as well as showing my love for the box. But saying that you tube posts are fun and quick - and sometimes images are much more interesting than words alone. Especially when they are either handsome men from Spunk Alerts posts (contrary to a comment made - Spunk in OZ means sexy or hot - not the UK meaning!), unfortunate singing moments from Eurovision to Idol to Jan Terry and, my favourite, the venomous Cyanide and Happiness comics...just too twisted and a bit wrong.

And the next 200?

Well hopefully this blog will continue to evolve further still...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

You Tube: Dancin' Matt

I saw this on Sunrise the other week and I really liked it - dancin' across the world with matt - and connecting with all...quite moving

You Tube:The B-52's - Funplex

Once described as 'new wave kiddy camp rockers' when they used to play in the Mudd Club (NYC in the 70's while wearing woman corsetry) now still rockin' on making comment of the world nowdays...bless them.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Site to Check out - Tough at the top

Tough at the top is a new online TV show created by the infamous Crazy Cousin Anne - (well not my cousin - actually a dear friend Brigid's cousin but I digress).

Basically it all started after a move to Darwin, meeting another of similar name at the pub, then getting drunk at the pub and finally the buying of a motorized esky from eBay (yes I'm not making this up) both Anne Edmonds ( Crazy Cuz) and Anna Daniels (not Crazy Cuz) decided to approach the local ABC TV(NT) and pitch an idea for an online comedy series - And Tough at the Top was born.

The girls have written, directed and starred in this off the wall Territory comedy. Highlights have included so far 'The NTique Roadshow'...their take on another TV show of a similar name and most recently a mock- u -mentry style of a campaign for the rights of racists (v.funny). The site will be updated every week - future highlights will include flapper dancing 1920's style on current day Darwin's wharf, picnicking by the local esplanade in crocodile suits(not too far from actual croc attacks)....and (of course) the obvious hooning around the highways of NT on a motorized Esky - which will no doubt be my favourite...