Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blogs to check out

Hello and welcome to 2010 [I'm still trying to say 20-10 a opposed to two thousand and ten - its taking longer than expected] - Just a few blog links that I have been enjoying lately over my holidays that I want to share:-

I do believe I came with a hat -

This is fabulous - an old school etiquette site for living in 2010 - Especially like the tag line - One gentleman's guide to not getting thrown out, not throwing up and how to throw a party! I must have him around for dinner - I just hope the linen will be pressed enough!

One fine gay -

This blog is a day to day adventures of a gay man in the Manchester UK - Its funny, cute and well written - love a rant from a scouce who enjoys a shant. Oh and the play on words title is v.clever.

Project 76 -

Another UK gay blog gem - especially like his posts to do with Dr Who, UK food ( chips and other fried varieties) and all about UK Telly - v good. Oh and he have 76 in the title [which is somewhat a joke between myself and Tonzy but I digress] which is always good.

And finally...

Deep Dish -

This is heaven - Retro TV/Music/Film rants with shots of hot men - all I need now is a 12 inch disco remix/poolside/sunglasses/cocktail and whoosh I'm away!

Speaking of which - I'm off to T-dance this afternoon and V.excited - hopefully it won't rain.

X b


Ryan O said...


Thanks for the mention. glad you are enjoying the blog. Feel free to join in with comments if you fancy it :D


Deep Dish said...

Thank you so much, Brett, for your kind shout-out for Deep Dish. And I've added your blog as a link.