Thursday, January 21, 2010

T dance and the snappy happy crowd

Well Midsumma's T-dance was a boon this year - yes the weather was far better last year [storm clouds were toying with us all afternoon and into the evening] - but the company was as just as thrilling. The line up was pretty good too. I do remember seeing Inaya Day for only a brief moment but clearly I was losing track of time. Especially given the days celebrations [Carnival and the entire Midsumma festival can be very taxing]. The patrons, like previous years, were great. Well in the paid area anyway.

Now having accquired the iphone very recently [as with every other poof in the park] everyone was a bit snap happy. And my photos were not the best. However a rather lovely young man called Oliver we all met was was taking pics of all and sundry. He managed to snap a very nice one of us [I'm on the end in the aqua/teal/insert affected colour here].

Well it turns out this young man is a photographer [in between his day job in our airways] and has a rather wonderful blog himself called FLY FROM NEARBY - as he states in the description - A photo blog of my first 365 days of being a non-smoker.I take a photo every day, of anything and anyone. He regularly updates the blog with new and very interesting snaps. Each one is a snapshot of his life. Hard day in the office.They are bizarre, interesting and rather wonderful pictures. These are just a sample.
Oliver is clearly inspired by his mates.
I love this - its like a marathon runner tossed it in when arriving at the beach. And here is Oliver with the Satorialist no less. Patron & apprentice?

Skater vs urban chic?
And The girls at T- dance - this one made it in! Lucy, Claire and the English gals. This snap summed up the day very well for me. Thankfully he wasn't taking snaps of us at the end of the night. Well at least the light is more forgiving then.


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