Saturday, April 24, 2010

You Tube...No Tube

Well here I am every year planning to share the high, well really the low lights of Eurovision. Imagine my surprise when I go to ol’ faithful You tube to find the top finalists of this craptacular song competition only to find out this [one woman show alert]...

You Tube no longer shares with blogger...yes dear reader blogger who is owned by Google who also owns You tube...have decided to not pursue the sharing arrangements of clips. Makes sense [yes Google that sense not Adsense you constantly sending me emails about].

Now why is this is? You can still link to Facebook, Twitter and the suchlike. That’s handy to bloggers. Are Google foreseeing a future without blogs due to these popular social networking sites? Or have they decided to start this ball rolling...[lights brighten centre stage]

So what does this mean? Google now is so huge it has the financial power and might of a Super Power. It’s that scary. Ok so I was impressed when they told China recently that they were removing Government based blocks for searches – Google used its power for good. But this? Why remove the linking to You Tube? And I might add, no explanation why just informing that they were removing it. More like China then you care to admit hey Google?

Ok so Im being a tad dramatic. Ta Da. [Exit stage left, music crescendos].

Needless to say I have not only been pissed off by this news but have lost a bit of motivation to post...hence my slovenly silence. Now I could just find another site that allows me to link to blogger...Daily motion for example. Trouble is that the content compared to You tube is of a lesser quality. And you know quality is word dujour when it comes to Eurovision.

So I will stop the rant and hope that another clip site will resolve my current dilemma. And when you think about the poor folks in China I need to shut up. As its not dilemma more than a diva dummy spit. [End Scene].

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