Thursday, May 06, 2010

Eurovision 2010...need I say more

Well I thought it was time for a Eurovision Blog Entry. God knows I’m overdue. Still not over those You Tube bastards not allowing links to blogs but you can’t fight City hall. Especially when that City Hall is Google…but I digress.

Now I’m not sure if the sombre economic air of Europe has influenced this year’s contestants…but it’s not that crazy crap-tacular that you normally get. Sure old Eastern European entries are still a bit laughable [’ll get to that shortly] but overall its very contained and normal. Yes I’m aghast too dear reader. This year its very like a European ‘Idol’ – it’s ballads & serious pop. And everyone is so fucking young. No oldies (well only a few) – this is geared up for gen Y full stop this year. Haircuts & 80’s styling optional.

‘Share the moment’ is theme dujour in Oslo this year. I’m not sure who will be sharing the moment – well Italy, Austria, Hungary, Czech republic, Monaco & Luxembourg have decided not share anyhow and stay at home. Bully to you. However the rest of Europe will be sharing on the last weekend of May.

So my hot, not so hot, highlights & hits awards for 2010 are as follows:-

Don’t understand what your singing about award goes to Finland, Serbia, Spain & The Netherlands have decided to sing in their native tongue. Not really a good move in an international song contest when the language of Europe is…oh that’s right English. Not Finnish love. Never that.

Just got it wrong award goes to:- Russia, Serbia, Spain & Slovenia. Yes likely and repeat offenders here. Now Russia is singing in English but has decided to place their version of Simon & Garfunkel folk. Lovely. Serbia has an ugly poofy with the worst hydrogen peroxide blonde bob wearing a white Sgt Peppers jacket singing in Serbian. Goody. Spain decided to submit a Ginger singing a folky fairground tune. Marvellous. And finally Slovenia is a rock meets folk ditty wearing traditional costumes with a song similar to a car hitting a freight train. Enough! But real shame is that these are the only ones who really got it wrong this year. Shame and disappointment Europe. Shame and disappointment.

Lets hide a shit song with a pretty distraction award goes to:- Now Israel, Norway, Poland & UK have very very pretty lads this year. Israel is especially hot. But their songs are quite simply - Shit. Well there is definitely a career in gay porn for these handsome contestants post Oslo.

Now the highlights.

Estonia – Siren - this is a surprise as they usually lay a pretty ugly duckling – the song is very Paul McCartney in manner of ‘Wings’ and not too bad.

Georgia – Shine – now this one is one of my favourite – in ballad like style to Iceland entry last year with ‘ Is it true’ which came 2nd . Not bad for a former Soviet state.

Germany – Satellite – no this is not my cup of tea but it’s probably one of the most unique songs of the competition so it rates a mention. And Germany is gagging for a win.

Romania – Playing with fire – Again another surprise from a country usually famous for dictators and bad bad songs. I’m not sure how this is going to fare but the chorus is catchy and who doesn’t love a boy & girl pop duet.

Iceland – Je Ne Sais Quoi – Now this is one is my favourite of the competition. It’s your great euro trash dance song with even a French title of the Chorus – you’ll be hearing in this in any gay club in Europe this summer. Song by a rather large and not so pretty lass but a hit none the less.

Now for those in OZ dear SBS is broadcasting 'Countdown To Eurovision' specials on May 14th and May 21st at 4pm, including "The A to Z of Eurovision" – including the most memorable ( and not so memorable) moments of previous Eurovision. Now that’s the Eurovision of my youth I remember so well. Those were the days.

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Anonymous said...

Georgia is my favorite too:) Shine is the best ballad of this year i think. Check her facebook fan page:

Anonymous said...

i agree about Georgia but must admit to being extremely impressed with Latvia & Azerbaijan this year too...

strangely, a lot of this years songs are very good indeed!