Monday, May 31, 2010

Eurovision 2010...Post Script

Well its over for another year. And these schmucks [pictured] hosted the event! Well the girl on the right was actually good. The other one was mainly questionable and the Blondie twit in the middle really 'shared the moment' that he was a twit with a rather massive head. Too massive even for our wide screen TV.

But before you hear me become Rant Mcranty from Ranty town, the actual production and overall look of this years competition wasn't too bad. Especially the start [rather impressed with all the bubble graphics] and unlike previous host countries who use the night as a tourism promotion between songs this year, they simply used a shot of the capital of the country about to sing with the fans. A pleasant change from seeing landmarks, forests and [rather awful] beaches. But alas I digress.

Highlights included the gatecrasher who managed to dance while Spain was [rather dismal circus themed] singing, Serbia ugly bizarre song and singer, the pretty man from Israel [ song wasn't too bad seeing it was sung in Hebrew], Albania's surprise dance song [it was good - that was the surprise - and didn't sound like a song from Albania's hit musical 'Gypsy Olga and her magic Tractor'] and Romania delivering a great dance hit and finishing 3rd!

Yes my predictions were a bit crap there. Germany did win, but my other predictions finished in the top 10. And poor Iceland came 19th! It was a shock and dismay that Denmark came 5th [truly poor duet] and the less spoken about Turkey and Azerbaijan [ I had to spell that out 6 times] the better. The UK finished last. Shame Brits shame. Even Belarus beat you.

Aha but that is the Eurovision wheel of fortune! Or lack thereof you may say. Berlin next year and unlike this years rather good production from Norway, I am preying for a return for Eurovision from the past decades - complete with cheesy presenters telling poor jokes, shots of Hamburg looking dull and dancing girls on Mini Brandenburg gates with beer steins and lederhosens. Well I can prey. X b

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