Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Jesus I’m sick of the soccer/football/world game etc. Well sick of the focus that the Australian Press is giving the Socceroos currently.

Australia -this goes out to you. You don’t have to be the best of every fucking sport on the planet. And yes that means the soccer too. Who cares if the Tim Cahill got a red, yellow, black or puce card by a referee. We are not going to win the World Cup anyway. Germany, Italy UK – well any European country have a chance to win as it is their choice sporte le mode.

We are obsessed with sport in this country. And we get really upset & pissed off when we don’t win every form of sport. There is a reason why we don’t win every sport. For example take the Winter Olympics. We have a great big desert as our Centre (and most of the continent) neither the Alps nor the Aspen are anywhere to be skied. And we complain when it’s colder than 15C. By Apparently snow usually needs below zero to stop from melting. Let alone the whines when it rains. Stephen Bradbury one of our first and few Winter Olympics Gold medallists won because the other 4 got silly and fell over each other before the finishing line. So that’s the Snow sports out for us.

Next let’s rule out the running and the athletics. USA is King here and is not going to be beaten. Except by the occasional African nation who run in their bare feet (and the rest of the world are glad that the US of A lost). Too much media has already been given to that revolting Jana – Pit-bull…er… Pitman. And she’s crap anyway as she has a gammy knee. So stop the track and field please. Oh and don’t even get me started on the wrestling or the boxing, weights and all that. Russia and China does that far too well. We simply don’t.

I live in a nation sports obsessed even though clearly I’m not. I’m not unpatriotic and yet I am regularly crucified (especially at work) if I have a dig at the OZ sport obsession. I will admit though that diving, swimming and the other water sports (don’t be dirty) we are quite good at. Oh and the cycling we can do. The beachy sporty stuff too (but with all that coast line that we are also so obsessed with we would be a bit rubbish if we didn’t use it). Apparently not too bad at the occasional shooting and some odd sports (not the curling thank god, I mean really anyone can sweep up love) and that’s good too.

But Australia, repeat after me, we are not going to win the world cup. Now breathe. See not so bad. We are still alive and kicking. Not drowning just waving (if you prefer the swimming reference). The boys will do the best they can - Lucas and Tim and the lads will look hot wearing their shorts and kicking a goal in South Africa (eventually) - but we are not going to win the world cup. Now with all that extra energy let’s have a crack at supporting the Arts in this land of ours. Now there’s a team that could do with our support. Not the running or the (roll of the eyes) curling. Or similar.

Saying that - I’m not ruling out support and cheers for the ice-skating though. But maybe that shows how gay I am rather than sports obsessed.

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