Monday, May 17, 2010

52 Recipes - April & May

Goodness we have been 'busy cookin' a plenty... just a quick update

5.4 14 Rabbit & Mushroom Pie - Gourmet Traveller (Apr 2010)
12.4 15 Potato Gratin - The internet
19.4 16 Pork Cassoulet - The internet
26.4 17 Lemon Curd - The Cooks Companion

3.5 18 Welsh cakes - A &B special
10.5 19 Walnut & espresso cake - Gourmet Traveller (May 2010)
17.5 20 Lemon Meringue Cake - Nigella Lawson
24.5 21 Duck L’Orange - The internet
31.5 22 Reine de Saba - Julia Childs

I know that its still the middle of May and we have gone over but as we are away for 5 weeks in August we need to get ahead of ourselves or the NY resolution of 52 recipes wont be reached. And there is nothing I hate more than not finishing something...ooh it drives me insane.

Im quitre happy it is going well however I think my pants need letting out. Or the installation of an elastic bands. Otherwise I'm, as my grandmother would say, very 'healthy darling'( she would saw drougie as this is Croatian for darling but I digress). And it is rather cold in Melbourne at the moment. Unsure what to try next, thinking another slow cooked all in one number (a treat and a half in this cold season). Maybe some italian? Mmmm pasta...mmm cheese...mmm size 36 by june ( Noooooooooooooooo!).

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