Monday, May 31, 2010

Eurovision 2010...Post Script

Well its over for another year. And these schmucks [pictured] hosted the event! Well the girl on the right was actually good. The other one was mainly questionable and the Blondie twit in the middle really 'shared the moment' that he was a twit with a rather massive head. Too massive even for our wide screen TV.

But before you hear me become Rant Mcranty from Ranty town, the actual production and overall look of this years competition wasn't too bad. Especially the start [rather impressed with all the bubble graphics] and unlike previous host countries who use the night as a tourism promotion between songs this year, they simply used a shot of the capital of the country about to sing with the fans. A pleasant change from seeing landmarks, forests and [rather awful] beaches. But alas I digress.

Highlights included the gatecrasher who managed to dance while Spain was [rather dismal circus themed] singing, Serbia ugly bizarre song and singer, the pretty man from Israel [ song wasn't too bad seeing it was sung in Hebrew], Albania's surprise dance song [it was good - that was the surprise - and didn't sound like a song from Albania's hit musical 'Gypsy Olga and her magic Tractor'] and Romania delivering a great dance hit and finishing 3rd!

Yes my predictions were a bit crap there. Germany did win, but my other predictions finished in the top 10. And poor Iceland came 19th! It was a shock and dismay that Denmark came 5th [truly poor duet] and the less spoken about Turkey and Azerbaijan [ I had to spell that out 6 times] the better. The UK finished last. Shame Brits shame. Even Belarus beat you.

Aha but that is the Eurovision wheel of fortune! Or lack thereof you may say. Berlin next year and unlike this years rather good production from Norway, I am preying for a return for Eurovision from the past decades - complete with cheesy presenters telling poor jokes, shots of Hamburg looking dull and dancing girls on Mini Brandenburg gates with beer steins and lederhosens. Well I can prey. X b

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Spoiler Alert...Eurovision 2010...The Winner

Well the odd underweight singer with the indy whine from Germany with 'Satellite' wins the 2010 Eurovision. The Favourite wins again...I finally see a pattern emerging. Watch her on the below link [if you want].

All the campery will be played out tonight on SBS and full review of the sharing the magic of the moment etc etc etc will be posted later.

X b

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Eurovision 2010...The Grand final(ists)

So the semi's have been sung....they really did give there all [bless em] and now only the grand final remains...the lucky line up are as follows:-

01- Azerbaijan Safura
Drip Drop
02- Spain
Daniel Diges Algo Pequeñito
03- Norway Didrik Solli-Tangen My Heart Is Yours
04- Moldova Sunstroke Prjct & Olia Tira Run Away
05- Cyprus Jon Lilygreen&The Islanders
Life Looks Better In Spring
06- Bosnia&Herzegovina
Vukašin Brajić Thunder And Lightning
07- Belgium Tom Dice Me And My Guitar
08- Serbia Milan Stanković
Ovo Je Balkan
09- Belarus
3+2 Butterflies
10- Ireland Niamh Kavanagh
It's For You
11- Greece
Giorgos Alkaios & Friends OPA
12- United Kingdom Josh That Sounds Good To Me
13- Georgia Sofia Nizharadze Shine
14- Turkey maNga We Could Be The Same
15- Albania Juliana Pasha It's All About You
16- Iceland Hera Björk Je Ne Sais Quoi
17- Ukraine Alyosha Sweet People
18- France Jessy Matador
Allez Olla Olé
19- Romania
Paula Seling & Ovi Playing With Fire
20- Russia Peter Nalitch & Friends Lost And Forgotten
21- Armenia Eva Rivas Apricot Stone
22- Germany Lena Satellite
23- Portugal Filipa Azevedo
Há Dias Assim
24- Israel
Harel Skaat Milim
25- Denmark Chanée & N'evergreen In A Moment Like This.
Poor Malta...I was suprised she was pipped at the post over [the Blonde haired ugly poofy from] Serbia but I digress. It is Eurovision after all...Olso must be wetting its panties over the grand final tonight [plus the fact its been how long since a grand final held in Western Europe].
So here are my top 5 predictions for Eurovision 2010

1- Germany Lena Satellite
2- Georgia Sofia Nizharadze Shine
3- Armenia Eva Rivas Apricot Stone
4- Greece Giorgos Alkaios & Friends OPA
5- Iceland Hera Björk Je Ne Sais Quoi
I dont like Apricot Stone and LOATH OPA however they have beern extremely popular with the Euro Folk. As much as I want Romania's playing with fire to end in the top 5 I dont think it will. But thankfully UK & Ireland wont either.
Oh well one more sleep and its over for another year...Andrew breathes a large sign of relief.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

More Eurovision - Winner predictor gadget

Oh so unexpected by Big Google - I just found this this nifty little tool for the 2010 Eurovision Winner predictor gadget - v.excited.

Currently listing as at 20th Of May:- ( oh yes links to clips on YouTube too dear reader - just click on the name of the singer since the bastards stopped the linking - still mad)

1 Germany -
Lena - Saterlite - 354
2 Georgia -
Sofia Nizharadze - Shine - 233
3 Malta -
Thea Garrett - My Dream - 119
4 Poland -
Marcin Mroziński - Legenda - 115
5 Sweden -
Anna Bergendahl - This Is My Life -115
6 Romania -
Paula Seling & Ovi - Playing With Fire - 96
7 France -
Jessy Matador - Allez, Ola, Ole - 91
8 Greece -
Giorgos Alkaios & Friends - OPA! - 89
9 Azerbaijan -
Safura - Drip, Drop - 86
10 Estonia -
Malcolm Lincoln - Siren - 71

Now lets break this down...

1 - As mentioned, Germany is gagging to win...since well the 1950's really and they take this SERIOUSLY. They would be very happy with this so far. [have Google shares gone up in Deutchland I vunder?]
2 - Good to see my pick Shine is number 2 ( I also predicted the no.2 last year so I'm sorry Georgia if I have already put the mockers on the competition).
3 - Malta's not bad - reminds me of an Olympic theme song mixed with a Bond theme.
4 - Poland - crap song but he's a cutie.
5 - Sweden, always good for a pop song.
6 - Also a favourite of mine and hoping that Romania, usually submitting usual crapola finishes in the top 5. Bless.
7 - Like a french Usher come Jamaican pretty man.
8 - Well Greece really OPA? Could they not come up with anything else (must be the economic crisis clearly affecting song titles as well as debt).
9 & 10 - well when your 9 & 10th its a bit like 90th and 100th really.

And you can also list the losers... Belgium, Lithuania & Switzerland so far [more usual suspects, well they have nice chocolate and views of the water].

And you get the predictor to your blog via Google search - too easy. Thanks BB...errr Google.

Monday, May 17, 2010

52 Recipes - April & May

Goodness we have been 'busy cookin' a plenty... just a quick update

5.4 14 Rabbit & Mushroom Pie - Gourmet Traveller (Apr 2010)
12.4 15 Potato Gratin - The internet
19.4 16 Pork Cassoulet - The internet
26.4 17 Lemon Curd - The Cooks Companion

3.5 18 Welsh cakes - A &B special
10.5 19 Walnut & espresso cake - Gourmet Traveller (May 2010)
17.5 20 Lemon Meringue Cake - Nigella Lawson
24.5 21 Duck L’Orange - The internet
31.5 22 Reine de Saba - Julia Childs

I know that its still the middle of May and we have gone over but as we are away for 5 weeks in August we need to get ahead of ourselves or the NY resolution of 52 recipes wont be reached. And there is nothing I hate more than not finishing something...ooh it drives me insane.

Im quitre happy it is going well however I think my pants need letting out. Or the installation of an elastic bands. Otherwise I'm, as my grandmother would say, very 'healthy darling'( she would saw drougie as this is Croatian for darling but I digress). And it is rather cold in Melbourne at the moment. Unsure what to try next, thinking another slow cooked all in one number (a treat and a half in this cold season). Maybe some italian? Mmmm pasta...mmm cheese...mmm size 36 by june ( Noooooooooooooooo!).

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Eurovision 2010...need I say more

Well I thought it was time for a Eurovision Blog Entry. God knows I’m overdue. Still not over those You Tube bastards not allowing links to blogs but you can’t fight City hall. Especially when that City Hall is Google…but I digress.

Now I’m not sure if the sombre economic air of Europe has influenced this year’s contestants…but it’s not that crazy crap-tacular that you normally get. Sure old Eastern European entries are still a bit laughable [’ll get to that shortly] but overall its very contained and normal. Yes I’m aghast too dear reader. This year its very like a European ‘Idol’ – it’s ballads & serious pop. And everyone is so fucking young. No oldies (well only a few) – this is geared up for gen Y full stop this year. Haircuts & 80’s styling optional.

‘Share the moment’ is theme dujour in Oslo this year. I’m not sure who will be sharing the moment – well Italy, Austria, Hungary, Czech republic, Monaco & Luxembourg have decided not share anyhow and stay at home. Bully to you. However the rest of Europe will be sharing on the last weekend of May.

So my hot, not so hot, highlights & hits awards for 2010 are as follows:-

Don’t understand what your singing about award goes to Finland, Serbia, Spain & The Netherlands have decided to sing in their native tongue. Not really a good move in an international song contest when the language of Europe is…oh that’s right English. Not Finnish love. Never that.

Just got it wrong award goes to:- Russia, Serbia, Spain & Slovenia. Yes likely and repeat offenders here. Now Russia is singing in English but has decided to place their version of Simon & Garfunkel folk. Lovely. Serbia has an ugly poofy with the worst hydrogen peroxide blonde bob wearing a white Sgt Peppers jacket singing in Serbian. Goody. Spain decided to submit a Ginger singing a folky fairground tune. Marvellous. And finally Slovenia is a rock meets folk ditty wearing traditional costumes with a song similar to a car hitting a freight train. Enough! But real shame is that these are the only ones who really got it wrong this year. Shame and disappointment Europe. Shame and disappointment.

Lets hide a shit song with a pretty distraction award goes to:- Now Israel, Norway, Poland & UK have very very pretty lads this year. Israel is especially hot. But their songs are quite simply - Shit. Well there is definitely a career in gay porn for these handsome contestants post Oslo.

Now the highlights.

Estonia – Siren - this is a surprise as they usually lay a pretty ugly duckling – the song is very Paul McCartney in manner of ‘Wings’ and not too bad.

Georgia – Shine – now this one is one of my favourite – in ballad like style to Iceland entry last year with ‘ Is it true’ which came 2nd . Not bad for a former Soviet state.

Germany – Satellite – no this is not my cup of tea but it’s probably one of the most unique songs of the competition so it rates a mention. And Germany is gagging for a win.

Romania – Playing with fire – Again another surprise from a country usually famous for dictators and bad bad songs. I’m not sure how this is going to fare but the chorus is catchy and who doesn’t love a boy & girl pop duet.

Iceland – Je Ne Sais Quoi – Now this is one is my favourite of the competition. It’s your great euro trash dance song with even a French title of the Chorus – you’ll be hearing in this in any gay club in Europe this summer. Song by a rather large and not so pretty lass but a hit none the less.

Now for those in OZ dear SBS is broadcasting 'Countdown To Eurovision' specials on May 14th and May 21st at 4pm, including "The A to Z of Eurovision" – including the most memorable ( and not so memorable) moments of previous Eurovision. Now that’s the Eurovision of my youth I remember so well. Those were the days.

Needing more Eurovision -