Thursday, October 19, 2006

Big Trip from 2005 - Make my way back home and I learn to fly...Part 9 (Final)

I still can't believe it's been a year since the big trip...getting back from almost 5 weeks travelling the globe...I had so much fun and still today I'm so glad I went...I got over travelling alone, especially when I was lucky enough to meet up with friends and make some new ones along the way...the trip made me grow in a way I haven't in years...

I have just finished reading my journals from the trip, and it's amazing how it can jog your memory...and I have just gone over an inventory of stuff gained, used and left over from the trip...

- 2 Journals of the trip ( 1 given to me as a gift from the Guggenheim NYC from the lovely Nanette, 1 bought from Il Papiro in Venice)
- Many many digital and actual photo's of the trip - including a photo of the Florence at dawn and a Gateway in Venice to a private garden - both in the Living room
- BBC mug & pen from the Tour of the Beeb, London ( as well as this bad photo of me...)
- A shirt, T-shirt and Jeans from London
- A stripy scarf & cute t-shirt from Paris
- A fitted black long sleeve top & 3 silk ties from Rome
- Bathers from Venice, jocks from Rome and socks from all over
- 3 Paris of Sunglasses, all quite fabulous at the time and now quite ridiculous
- 10 polo shirts from Thailand - all need to be washed drip dry
- Board shorts, bracelet's & other useless items only ever bought on holiday
- 1 Wallet from Mandarina Duck Florence (it's so the best store ever)
- A new suite of luggage (Luggage wheels broke in Florence & one handle got stuck in the Paris Metro)
- 20 postcards sent home, 2 which were lost and 1 which never was received by Bek & Damo
- 1 Pumistone in shape of foot from the 1 Euro store in Venice (EVERYTHING 1 EURO!)
- A nail clipper set that cost me 18 Euros from Paris...and then I found the same set in the 1 Euro Store ( did I mention that EVERYTHING in the store is 1 EURO!)
- 1 Disco Candy compilation bought from Virgin Mega store London ( I didn't realise until i played it I had all the songs from all the other Disco Candy Cd's already owned!)
- 1 Leather jacket(Florence), tie(Paris), Jocks ( Marks & Sparks) and diamante cuff links (Top Shop) all for Andy
- 6 Mini Jams from Fortnum & Mason - given as a gift (damn!)
- 1 Harrods Address Book meant as a gift but I kept it (you learn from the Jam mistake)
- A miniature Eiffel Tower bought from the 2ND Floor of the Tower
- 1 signed piece of Art Glass, 1 Vase, 8 Christmas Baubles & 6 mutli coloured tea lights holders (which washed to clear) from Murano
- 2 Books on Glass
- A serving tray with the London underground map on it
- 3 Sarongs ( they are so - wrong and yet so right for Posh & Becks)
- Frank Lloyd Wright Calender, Incense burner and other little goodies for Kris Kringle '05.
- 12 Shot Silk cushions - 4 used as cushions and 8 used as place mats - v.specsh!
- 1 bottle of Calvin Klein cologne which I still can't find
- 1 Million bottles of Vodka bought & drank
- 4 carton of fags ( thank god I quit in March)MISC...
- 12 Flower lays I bought from the above Thai lady when I was really drunk
- 5 Hats bought the same night - all for the Judy impressions ( flowers and hats strangely lost that night...)
- 11 used European train tickets
- 2 unused Metro tickets
- 7 Hotel bills - all paid in advance I might add...
- 5 well used Lonely Planet guide books - all my travelling gospels
- 3 international adaptor plugs for OZ electrical goods
- 23,000 Frequent Flyer point gained from 8 plan trips total duration about 3 days.... and used entirely on a one way flight to Perth from Melbourne!

And the bill for approx $12,000 was final cost of trip(and worth every cent spent!!!!)

I had planned to make sure I get to travel at least yearly - so far I have been to Perth and Hong Kong this year, I'm planning Sydney & Perth(again - family!) for 2007, and hopefully Phuket for Andrew's Birthday in 2008, and maybe a Bali trip sometime in the meantime..or Hawaii...or for that matter somewhere warm with a beach/pool and lots of well mixed drinks...

X b

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