Thursday, October 12, 2006

Big Trip from 2005 - Viva Italy! Part 4 - Venice!

So after the beauty of Paris..I caught the train to Venice...other than the water, and the city has been the same for hundreds of years...the fact that no cars are present enhances what was one of the most unique experiences of my life...

The Garden Gate at Peggy's House(I thought the B & W pics of her in the house and the history of the Pallazzo and of Ms Guggenheim was far more interesting that the art!)
Me on the Academia bridge - Trying to blend in as a local...not succeeding
Meet Ronni...we met at Italian Class (yes I did a crash course in Italiano! Not that I was any good mind you) and she so happened to be in Venice so we hung out and saw the sights together...that was another highlight of my time in Venice...
St Marco's Square at 8am

St Marco's Square at 1pm

Moral: Go early

What I loved about Venice was that time moves at a different pace...No cars present so that helps...the air is very clean because of this so the locals ( if you can find any remaining) say...Yes you pay 18 Euros for a Bellini at "Harry's Bar" and you need to sell your grandmother to eat and for your hotel room, but the experience of this amazing city on stilts has to be visted at least once in your life...

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