Saturday, October 07, 2006

Big Trip from 2005 - I Love Paris...anytime (Part 2)

After London last year I then caught the Eurostar to Paris...I knew I was going to enjoy the visit...but what I didn't realise was I LOVED it...Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world...don't ever miss an opportunity to visit the city of Lights...From the Opera House to the Effiel Tower to the Left Bank ( my favorite neighbourhood), the Louvre, all the vistas & the Blvds- all is wonderful...I dont speak French but I had a crack at it and I think it worked!
(Me trying to be a local with the Notre Dame as backdrop)

People told me to expect the French to be rude - no so..The Parisians have a sense of style and adore their what seems to be rude - is not at all...they just live in a beautiful city and know it!

And a very thin city - The locals drink and eat antything they like and are all are quite thin...they seem to BALANCE their diet well....something in OZ we are still trying to work out...

This is one city where I definately want to return (after a crash course in French no less as there really wasn't enough time to do it all...

(To be continued...)

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