Sunday, October 08, 2006

Big Trip from 2005 - I love Paris...again (Part 3)

OK doll so Paris is beautiful and fab and glamorous etc etc etc...but seriously it so is...and although I thought the Eiffel tower would be just another 'tourist destination'(well it is)it is still an amazing structure...not just a fantastic view of the city...Oh and a tip for the thrifty travellers - you pay depending on which level you want to view from, platform 1 (don't bother too low)

Platform 3 WAY too

high- not much between you and land and death) or the usual destination Platform 2 where everyone goes and still feels quite safe...and yes you see everything from 2- so the 5 euros you save you can by a fabulous chocolate and banana crepe from the seller down below...that is almost as good as this monument to the machine age...french style of course - pefrect for any 'petit voyageur' !

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